CLEAN UP DAY July 8, 2023

Hillsborough County FINALLY got back to me on our chapters proposed CLEAN UP DAY at E.G. Simmons Park in Ruskin. We are a GO for SATURDAY JULY 8th at 8:00 a.m.- apprx. 11a.m. You MIGHT GET A LITTLE DIRTY &/OR WET, not necessary unless you choose to. Please dress appropriately; gloves, close toed shoes/boots, bug protectant ( your choice ) hat, sunglasses, etc. WATER & snacks WILL BE PROVIDED !!!

I WILL be calling and/or Emailing to the folks who signed the Volunteer list at the last two meetings. THANKS TO EVERYONE in advance, this is our FIRST opportunity to show folks who SALT STRONG is & how much we care about our ENVIRONMENT & folks who enjoy the area waters !!! Our goal is to have 25 members pitch in & it would be fantastic to have even more !!!!

Thanks, George Layton

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